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The 1-2-3 Approach to Car Shipping

Moving your vehicle long distances, whether regionally or across the country, requires an experienced car shipping service provider who will deliver the car in its current condition, on time and at a reasonable price. At we work with – and provide quotes for – only the most experienced and credible carriers, who will ship your auto with the utmost care and service. If this is the first time that you are transporting your automobile, you should understand certain basic details about the auto transport process in order to have your car moved from one place to another without any problems or issues.


Car Shipping Quote Process
  1. Fill out our online form to receive eight instant car transport quotes.
  2. Enter the city, state and zip code of where your car will be leaving.
  3. Type in the city, state and zip code of your destination.
  4. Let us know the make and model of your vehicle.
  5. Receive your car transport quotes.


Important Car Shipping Tips
  1. Select only the car shipping company that has adequate car shipping insurance that covers the cost of your vehicle. Such insurance is absolutely necessary in case your car is stolen or is damaged during transit. Insist on a copy of its current insurance policy.
  2. Make the payment after signing the car shipping contract rather than before.
  3. The driver will inspect the automobile and prepare a detailed report on the present condition of the car. You should obtain and keep a copy of the report.
  4. The driver of the automobile shipping company will be driving your car to load the car in the hauler and to unload the car for delivery to you at the ending destination. As such, you will have to ensure that your car is in a running condition.
  5. If your car is not in a running condition for any reason, you should inform the vehicle shipping company specifically about this fact. A few car shipping companies might refuse to transport such a car, while others may agree to transport the car with an extra cost.
  6. Vehicle shipping companies do not allow the car to contain other materials inside the car or the trunk while being transported from one place to another. Hence, you should not load any materials in the car.
  7. You should also specifically enquire about the time taken for the car shipping from one place to another and select the one that offers quickest transport without compromising on safety.


Delivery Protocol
  1. When the car arrives at the delivery destination, the driver will call you and arrange for a suitable delivery time. Be sure to inspect the car at the time of delivery for any damage and note the same in the bill of lading presented by the driver. You should sign the bill of lading with the noted damages if any and also make the driver sign it. Keep one copy and hand over the second one to the driver.
  2. If any damage has occurred during transportation, you should make the claim immediately with the car shipping company.
  3. If you have not paid the entire car shipping amount in advance, then pay the balance after ensuring that the car had been safely delivered.


If you follow the above car shipping process tips, you will have your car transported without any issues across the country.