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Affordable Car Shipping Rates from Reliable Auto Transport Companies

It can be desirable to take your car with you when you move long distances, or even when you go on vacation, but driving the car yourself can be a great imposition. However, hiring a reliable auto shipping company that offers affordable car shipping rates is a convenient way to transport your car over hundreds or thousands of miles. At we have helped thousands of people transport their cars, while offering the most competitive auto shipping rates.


Affordable Auto Shipping

For the most affordable auto transport solution it is best to use a shipping company that offers the option of shipping with an open trailer. These types of carriers are usually around fifty feet long and about 9 feet high, which means they are capable of carrying several vehicles at the same time. Look for a company that has a solid reputation, an impeccable safety record and one that employs highly trained drivers who are capable of handling these types of equipment on both large highways and smaller side roads.


Additionally to keep costs down, make sure that the quote you receive includes absolutely everything you need to calculate the complete job. Be on the lookout for additional taxes, fees and any add-on features that could arise. Be sure to give the auto transport company all of the vital details regarding your car and shipping needs, including, the location of pickup, delivery destination, travel dates and the year, make and model of your vehicle. This will help you avoid any extra fees. If you are not careful these can result in a much higher bill than you had anticipated. At we ensure that we collect all necessary and relevant information from you and offer you the best car shipping rates from the most reliable auto transport companies.


Reduce Your Auto Shipping Rates

Opting out from purchasing extra services can help you to lower your car shipping rates. For example, selecting terminal-to-terminal auto transport rather than door-to-door delivery can result in a lower price. For this, you would drive your vehicle to the pickup terminal and drive away from the delivery terminal to your new destination. Similarly, you may be able to lower your rates by agreeing to a larger delivery window rather than a specific day or time.


However, it is very important that you do not compromise on reliable auto transport quality by opting for cheaper auto shipping rates. Always verify that the auto transport company possesses adequate insurance coverage to include any theft or damage to your car during transport by asking for a copy of the insurance plan. If you do not ensure this aspect specifically, you may unpleasantly find that damages are not covered and the ultimate transport cost is much higher than expected.


Our professional team takes care of all your auto transport needs with a personal attention to every detail. Just fill out the form and get several quotes that are not only competitive, but are from companies that offer solid auto transport service.